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Family Law Practice

We understand the sensitive nature of family law, and approach it with compassion.  You can feel comfortable asking your questions of our experienced team.  We have a history of helping people through these hard times and the emotional and spiritual challenges that come with them.  You'll receive the comfort you seek at Ewing Law.

Divorce in Galveston County.  Galveston County provides couples going through divorce with the chance to resolve issues without going to trial.  Mediation is a requirement in all divorce cases, and is often very successful.  It also reduces the expense associated with divorce.

What you should know.  Divorce is complex.  Texas requires a 60 day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. The matters surrounding contested vs. uncontested divorce, common law marriage, temporary orders, division of property and more, need to be evaluated by an experienced attorney.  Each situation is different and must be reviewed based upon it's unique circumstances.  Our team is ready to help you through all of the questions and challenges associated with a divorce in Texas.

Things to consider before filing a petition for divorce:

  • Determine your living arrangements during the time that the divorce is taking place
  • Ensure that you have access to funds and sufficient cash
  • Locate or obtain copies of important documents such as house deeds, joint bank and credit card statements and any other important documents
  • Your attorney will help you decide whether the need for temporary orders, restraining orders or other legal documents may helpful or necessary

Personal Injury Practice

Our goal at The Ewing Law Firm is to help our clients understand when they have a right to recovery for their losses in cases of:

  • Trucking, motorcycle and automobile accidents
  • Animal injury/dog bite
  • Wrongful death

Trucking accidents can happen quickly and often end tragically.  These accidents can be due to such things as driver fatigue, mechanical or brake failure, load fastener failure and driving conditions.  We are experienced to help you assess the potential merits of your case.

Animal injuries and bites are many times covered by homeowner insurance policies.  In these instances, the animal's owner incurs limited out-of-pocket costs.  If you have experienced an animal injury, please contact us to discuss the circumstances surrounding your unique case and your potential options for recovery.

Wrongful death.  A wrongful death has occurred when a person is killed due to the negligence or other liability of a person or entity.  When this occurs, surviving beneficiaries and dependents are often entitled to monetary damages.  Texas' Wrongful Death Act provides the exclusive remedy for wrongful death in Texas, and compensates the spouse, parents, and children of the deceased for the losses they sustained as a result of the loved one's injury and death.

A wrongful death claim typically involves:

  • Death caused, partially or entirely, by the conduct of another person or entity
  • Person or entity was negligent, or strictly liable, for victim's death
  • Surviving beneficiaries or dependents exist
  • Monetary damages have resulted from individual's death

If you believe that you have been victimized in one of the areas mentioned above, please call us for a consultation to discuss your individual circumstances.

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